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Imagine if there were a place you could go to receive answers to life’s most mysterious questions. What would you want to uncover? Well, today, Laura Tati Laira joins us on Creating Consciousness to discuss the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records aren’t really a “place.” They are more so a level (dimension) of consciousness that you can tap into to receive the answers to the questions your human self is itching to know.

Laura takes us on a journey as she discusses the evolution of her spiritual path and how she began working with the Akasha. She also discusses how you can access the Akashic Records to begin healing and reprogramming your shadow and subconscious mind.

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Show Notes

  • [00:00:38] Podcast begins.
  • [00:00:58] Why there wasn’t a podcast episode last week.
  • [00:03:07] The three D’s: Death, Divorce, and Disease are a catalyst for spiritual transformation and growth.
  • [00:04:50] Today we are joined by Laura Tati Laira. Laura is an akashic records practioner who uses both the tarot and reiki in her Akashic Record sessions. In this episode, Laura explains to us what the Akashic Records are, how they can help reveal your shadow, along with other information the Akasha can provide you with.
  • [00:06:19] Rebecca is also an Akashic Records practioner. However, Rebecca only does Akashic Records journeys for groups. Sign up for her email list to be notified when her next Akashic Records journey takes place.
  • [00:09:19]
  • [00:10:35] Laura’s spiritual identity and what it means to be a specific manifestor.
  • [00:14:01] How Laura discovered the Akashic Records and the journey that lead her to becoming an Akashic Records practioner.
  • [00:20:00] The Records have guided me into a way of thinking and being– to always come back within myself to receive the answers thatI’m looking for when I’m searching for them elsewhere.” – Laura Tati Laira
  • [00:21:53] Laura is clairtangent. Her clairtangent gifts help support her in the Tarot Akashic Records readings.
  • [00:23:21] Fact: A lot of psychic work is confirmation (okay, maybe a hot take rather than a fact?).
  • [00:24:05] What happens and what information can you receive when you access the Akashic Records? Fun Fact: If you don’t like the information you receieve in the records, you can change your destiny and fate as you integrate the lessons in the 3D.
  • [00:29:42] “The ultimate goal of the soul coming back to Earth is to grow to evolve and just to expand.” – Laura Tati Laira.
  • [00:30:02] How does accessing the Akashic Records help someone unblock their shadow-self?
  • [00:33:34] The Akashic Records will not give you a finite yes or no. You’ve got free will, baby!
  • [00:35:09] Laura elaborates on the unconditional love you feel when you’re in the Akashic Records.
  • [00:36:11] Laura Tati Laira isn’t Laura’s biological name. She breaks down what Laura Tati Laira means. (It’s a beautiful story! Grab your tissues).
  • [00:42:05] The energies that Laura channels are from Andromeda and the Pleiades.
  • [00:45:33] Laura expands on her love for giving readings… you can just hear the passion exude from her voice. She works from such a place of devotion. It’s beautiful!
  • [00:50:09] Rebecca shares with Laura an experience she had in their reading together. (CHILLS!).
  • [00:53:25] Don’t try to test your reader! That’s just not how intuition works!
  • [00:54:45] “I’ve noticed when people go into a reading with expectation or not wanting to really have the reading but they’re just having it just because, the information is very limited and very short. It’s not in detail.” – Laura Tati Laira.
  • [00:55:40] Laura shares with listeners the greatest lesson she has learned from the Akashic Records.
  • [01:00:50] Out of respect for the records and your reading, you shouldn’t drink 24 hours before accessing the records. (Kinda says a lot about the toxicity of alchohol, huh?).
  • [01:02:25] It’s time for hot takes and rapid fire questions!
  • [01:06:21] How Laura creates consciousness on a daily basis?
  • [01:07:19] Follow Laura on Instagram!
  • [01:10:12] Laura is offering 10% off her shop services to Creating Consciousness listeners! Use code “CONSCIOUSNESS” at check out.
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  • [01:12:51] Episode ends. There will be no more card readings on guest episodes.

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