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Last week podcast listeners got to learn all about the Akashic Records from Akashic Records practitioner Laura Tati Laira. This week Laura returns to the podcast to share a channeled message from the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones of the Akashic Records specifically for listeners of Creating Consciousness.

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Show Notes

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“The records are open. So in this moment, a blue avian is making his way forward and behind him is a sphere of light. Behind the sphere of light is a legion of angels. And they are making their way forward towards us in this moment. And the two energies are making their way forward as well, very supportive energies. There’s a phoenix that also has come through as they make their way forward. The creating a half-circle around us in this moment, welcoming us in this space. Now when you’re ready, they say you may ask your first question.”

Question 1 @ [13:20]: What do listeners need to know and understand in order to accept and love themselves completely?

“So in this moment, the spheres of energy begin to pulse. And this pulse of energy feels like unconditional love. And they say it’s the sense of coming back within yourself. Because oftentimes, we look outside of ourselves for confirmation for answers. And in doing so, we oftentimes pull away from ourselves, from our essence, from our being. And so, by stepping away, we step away from this sense of knowing, of this light that illuminates within us, within our chest, within our being. And so, this light illuminates our path. But oftentimes, by looking out ahead to see where we’re going, we miss the present moment, we miss this moment in which we could learn– learn so much to continue moving forward. And knowing that in those instances when we take that time to be present in this moment, we get to ask ourselves what we need and what we want in that moment to be able to take the steps forward to continue on our path.”

Question 2 @ [15:28]: Are listeners of “Creating Consciousness on the right spiritual and healing path? If so, what do they need to hear about their journey.

“So they say, we don’t want to use time as in the time it’s going to take. Because there is no time, but in this earthly plane, we understand that time is very important. So we want you to know that in your time, in your own unique time, it’s going to take as long as it needs to take for you to be able to evolve and expand in your own way. It’s fine to look at others to see how they’re evolving and expanding in their own way. But know that the way that you’re that it’s going to evolve and expand for you is going to be in your unique way. And so, yes, allow yourself to be inspired by others, allow yourself to be taken by the hand by others guiding you, but know that you’re only being guided to be able to continue on your own unique path and in your own unique way of being… You need to take those steps in your own unique way, in the way that fits for you, in the way that you feel comfortable doing. So that doesn’t mean that you need to mold yourself in a way that fits someone’s idea of how it how this path should look. That’s not the point, they say. It’s not bypassing certain areas, certain learnings that you need to go through. It’s by fully embodying the way that you are, the feelings that you feel. Allow yourself to experience all that because in doing so, there’s learning, there’s always learning behind everything that you go through, there’s learning behind every experience that you have, and in doing so, you’re creating space for more beautiful things to come to you. But in order for this space to be creative and for the space to be welcoming for other experiences and for your path to continue moving forward, you need to allow yourself that space.”

Question 3 @ [19:17]: How can listeners find out what their soul’s calling is or what they’re meant to do in this earthly life?

“And so in this in this moment, the angels extend their wings. They’re excited to answer this question because they say to be able to know what it is that you’re meant to do in this lifetime or in your path, in right now, is you need to give yourself that opportunity to explore. You need to give the operative yourself the opportunity to just have fun and if something interests you, pursue it. Oftentimes, we confine ourselves into a box. And oftentimes, this happens because of programming or beliefs. And so you believe that you have to follow a certain way of doing things. And then you box yourself in, and you’re not you don’t allow yourself, you don’t give yourself the time to be able to explore what interests you, what makes you happy, what makes you smile because there’s no time for that. But they want you to know that in order for you to fully embody what it is, the purpose in your life is, in this point in time is to allow yourself to play, is to allow yourself to pursue those interests. And when you pursue these interests, and you come to the end of this interest, they don’t, they’re saying for you not to think that you just wasted your time, no, in fact, you actually learn something that’s going to propel you forward to another interest and another interest and another interest. And oftentimes, it’s just going to be one interest. But in order for you to be fully clear and to actually see these interests that are just right in front of you, you need to be more present within yourself and allowing yourself this, the sense of play, and allowing yourself to just take that time to pick up that book, to look into a certain modality if healing is something that you want to look into, or anything that interests you just taking the time to look into it in a way that is his that is filled with ease. And it’s it doesn’t feel too rushed. Because in doing so, you will begin to see what your purpose is. Because your purpose is tied to what makes you happy, what lights you up. What makes you smile, and it’s so effortless. It’s just like breathing. So allow yourself that space to be able to explore in a way that you have no expectations, that you don’t focus so much on the time, or ask if I invest this amount of time, what’s going to be the return of it. You need to step away from that structured rigid mentality and just allow yourself to be and to explore without any limitations because the possibilities are endless. And know that your one purpose could be multiple purposes that easily weave within each other. Because at the end of the day, you could create and you could utilize so many things that bring you happiness and create your own unique medicine.”

Question 4 @ [22:45]: What can listeners do to move through the fear that could be coming up as they listen to that last message?

“Always, always allow yourself to feel whatever emotion comes up. Because by allowing yourself to simmer in that emotion, especially when it’s fear, you’re understanding where it’s coming from. And so in the end, it’s not going to hold you back because you know that this fear oftentimes comes from uncertainty of not knowing, of not being in the same routine that you’ve always been in from your day-to-day when you break away from that routine. Of course, there’s fear because you don’t know what’s going to happen. You don’t know what the day is gonna look like; you don’t know what’s gonna come of it. But that’s okay. Allow yourself to feel that fear and say thank you for protecting me. But we’re doing this together. Together, we are going to learn what this is going to bring us what, what it’s going to look like, allow yourself that space to feel. But then acknowledge that you’re okay. And there’s something new to learn here. And in doing so, you’re giving yourself that space to move forward, move forward with ease, knowing that everything will be okay. And there’s always something you’re going to learn.”

Question 5 @ [24:25]: What do listeners need to do to attract abundance both energetically and physically?

So, in this moment, a giraffe is coming forward, and so is the snail. And so they say… we know what we’re about to say is going to be easier said than done. But in order for you to attract abundance is to be open to it. And how do you do that? By knowing that you’re worthy of it by knowing that you’re enough and that abundance is for everyone, especially for you. How do you attract abundance energetically? You need to look at the energetics that you have the energy around it when you think about abundance, is there something holding you back? Is there a sense of fear holding you back? Is there’s a sense of doubt holding you back? Because these little thoughts that you have, even though they might seem like little anchors, they’re anchoring you down, they’re weighing you down. And they’re not letting you connect to abundance– to its full capacity. Everything is energy, the way that you think, the way that you feel, the way that you see things, everything is energy. And abundance is like the air with breathe it; it’s around us. But in order for abundance to connect with you to feel that pulse, that energy that you have that you are worthy of it and that you know that you’re capable of having an abundance, you need to allow yourself to be open to it. And if at this moment, you feel some sort of lack, some sort of scarcity. Again, it’s energy. So all you need to do, they say, is work through these feelings, these ideas, or the sense of being that something deep down is holding you back from fully accepting what is abundant. And know that abundance is not just only money, monetary; it’s also in the way that you see things in the way that you spend your day, in the way that you allow yourself to just be in the way that you allow yourself to create, in the way that you allow yourself to connect with other people. Abundance is in everything. So notice what it is that is boxing you in. And an owl just showed up until the owl looks literally round, all around. And so they want you to to look around you and ask yourself… what is it that I’m holding on to that I’m not allowing abundance to fully come into my life?

Question 6 @ [27:50]: How can listeners connect with their spirit guides if they are struggling to make contact?

So they say first we’d like you to know that we’re always communicating with you. We’re always communicating with you. So in this moment, again, notice the expectation that you have. Are you looking at someone and you’re putting this expectation on yourself that the way that they’re doing it, that’s how you’re supposed to do it? You would need to step away from that because you’re blocking yourself, they say, begin to do things in a way that allows you to connect fully with yourself. So that means what is it that you like to do just that it feels so effortless to be able to connect with us. It could be by writing by listening to music by meditating by just sitting still, reading a book, by just looking around you when you’re out on a walk. Or when you’re in your car, just noticing things, you’re always receiving messages from us. And they don’t necessarily need to be from a thought. Or you literally hearing a voice or a sensation; it is just by seeing a color, a sticker, a street sign. And they’re just giving me like, like pops of like images of like things that could possibly be translated into a message. And it’s just dragging your day-to-day when you listen to a podcast. or listen to an audiobook. If you pick up a book, something that you or a friend hears on the TV, something that just stays with you and just catches your attention. They’re communicating with you. But if you would like to be in conversations with them and fully hear them, this is when you get to explore what fits more with you. What do you feel comfortable with– is it journaling, as in just grabbing a notebook and just free writing and allowing whatever to come in, come in. And then he asked me questions, and then just writing the answer. That’s a form of communication. Also, when you’re sitting in meditation, or you’re just thinking, and you’re asking these questions, and you receive an answer, that’s also us communicating, communicating with us, takes so many different ways and shapes and forms of doing so. You just need to allow yourself the space to be able to explore that and see what resonates with you, what helps you understand, and what helps you fully know that you are communicating. Because again, we communicate with you often.

Question 7 @ [30:45] Would you say that the things that might seem like coincidences are actually the Universe, Guides, Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones making contact and communicating with us?

Yes, definitely, they say. The easiest, what you wouldn’t even think of like a message, is the message. It’s just so easy. But they say our mind or ego kind of creates this heavy like barrier. I see like this like screen. It’s so like thick, even though you could see through it. It’s mesh. It’s so thick that you can’t fully see, well, it’s so easy. It’s just it’s the connection is so easy to see through. But oftentimes our mind. Second guesses, doubts, doesn’t believe or, or doesn’t pay attention. All that was nothing, when in fact, there was something. But in order for us to really pay attention and to really, really take in these messages to really see them, we just need to be a little bit more present with our day to day with, with each moment in time, and just allowing yourself that opportunity in that space to just take it in.

Question 7 @ [32:12] How can listeners become more present?

“And so the guides say it’s easy. Just being present within yourself. Noticing when your mind is just off wandering, just thinking about your responsibilities, you feel you have obligations, when you feel you have a to do list, when you feel you have X, Y, and Z to do. Notice how your mind is being pulled in a different direction and just allow yourself to take a few deep breaths and be present in that moment. Because in those few seconds, when you take those few breaths and you’re noticing you’re in your inhales and your exhales, in that moment, you’re connecting on such a deep level that everything around you will seem very clear, it will seem very easy to see and comprehend. Because you’re connected within yourself in that moment.

Question 8 @ [33:21] Is there anything else that the listeners need to hear?

“So they show me like, like hands coming together. And just being in the sense of community, holding space for one another. And just being compassionate. And just being more understanding of the fact that everyone’s path is different. And so everyone’s path will look different. And in this moment, they say that it is a time to just allow yourself to just be cannot be so critical of yourself or others. And just allow yourself to continue moving forward with this sense of ease and love within yourself, within your space, within your being. And knowing that as we continue down our paths, our paths will continue to evolve in a way that is going to help us continue to evolve and expand in our own unique time. So often if you feel I’m wasting time, or I don’t know what it is I should be doing at this time, just allow yourself to be present in that moment and give yourself the space to take a breath and just be. There’s no need to rush. There’s no need to push yourself. Because at the end of the day, you’re still gonna go down this path that you’ve chosen. So just allow yourself to experience the emotions that are coming forward. Just allow yourself to be in those moments. Because within every single moment, there’s a learning, there’s something that you will learn–that’s going to help you grow and expand and evolve. It’s a cycle, you see, it’s an infinite cycle, you will always be okay– if that’s something that you need to hear right now, it is okay. Just allow yourself to be. Just allow yourself to be in this moment. You are safe. And you are worthy. And you are supported.

Giraffe symbolism is letting you know that it is time to allow your foresight to lead the way. You know what you have been predicting all along. Therefore, you should take action and follow through. Not only that, but the Giraffe meaning is also telling you that your gut instincts are telling you something.

Snail symbolism is letting you know that you need to slow down! In other words, this spirit animal is asking you; What’s the big hurry? In any event, you have been spending so much time focusing on goals that you have missed something in the present moment.

Owl symbolism prompts you to open your eyes and honestly examine how things are. You will be surprised by what you can suddenly see. Listen carefully to your inner voice and guidance to recapture the knowledge of your correct path in life.

  • [00:36:17] Laura pulls a Tarot card to wrap up the reading. The card she chose is the Three of Swords.
  • [00:37:59] Laura closes the Akashic Records.
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  • [00:42:54] Episode ends.

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