Why Sonic Trip?

As humans our mental state has profound influence on how we navigate our inner and outer worlds.

Conventional mental health treatments have demonstrated limitations, often providing temporary relief while failing to address the root cause.

A form of holistic sound healing,
Sonic Trip offers a unique pathway
to wellbeing by acknowledging the complexities of past trauma and current experiences though non-ordinary states of consciousness.

sound that alters THE perception of time, space, and YOU

Sonic Trip invites you to listen to the intuitive voice you've been ignoring so you can finally dance with your authentic self

Sonic Trip can help you access the root of your trauma by entering into non-ordinary states of consciousness, promoting neuroplasticity so you can rewrite your story.


Our immersive sound journeys bring you into a hypnagogic state that increases activity of the secondary visual cortex, where you can transcend the physical form, activate extra sensory abilities, and have a psychedelic journey without consuming any drugs.

Sonic Trip leads to shifts in brainwave patterns, marked by increased theta and delta frequencies. These shifts play a significant role in decreasing the activity of the Default Mode Network (DMN), allowing for a departure from self-referential thought patterns. Say goodbye to imposter syndrome and hello to embodied confidence (not the delulu reassurance you get from a TikTok tarot reader).

We utilize bilateral sound frequencies, akin Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR). Imagine sound waves moving through your brain like how your hips sway left to right while dancing. This sensation along with other neuroscience and music theory principles help to process traumatic memories, enhance neuroplasticity, and aid in mindful integration, self-actualization, and emotional resilience.

At Sonic Trip we harness the power of sound to bring you into non-ordinary states of consciousness without the risk and cost involved with psychedelic medicines.

Non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC) refer to altered states of awareness that differ from everyday waking consciousness–– like when you have a lucid dream, refuse to take off your rose colored glasses, or meet the DMT machine elves.

Entering into non-ordinary states of consciousness has gained popularity with the rise of psychedelic medicines. But psychedelic therapies can be inaccessible and costly. Plus, we all know someone who has done a bit too much LSD and never quite returned to earth.

Here's the Skinny on
Non-Ordinary States of Consciousness

Immersing yourself in sound and vibration helps you access, express, and name sensations held in the physical body so you can release them to live a more embodied life.


Sound therapies have been used by many ancient cultures for spiritual connection. Sonic Trip harnesses indigenous wisdom, science, and modern healing practices for an experience that transcends your typical "yoga studio" sound healing.


Ready to
Take a Sonic Trip?


Explore our events, self-guided, and not-so-self-guided programs so you can finally meet and dance with your authentic self at the disco.

Incorporating the Disco ethos of self-expression and authenticity, Sonic Trip channels the era's energy into a contemporary exploration of "four-on-the-floor" beats, syncopated rhythms, and other worldly sounds that transcend your traditional "yoga studio" sound healing.

In a world saturated with bland, beige portrayals of wellness, we reject the notion of a singular path to healing and the glorification of self-proclaimed gurus. Instead, we champion autonomy and individual agency by teaching you how to listen and embody the messages of your higher self.

We are the antidote
to the epidemic of

Inspired by the underground Disco movement, Take a Sonic Trip is a revolutionary fusion of cultural rebellion and transformative healing. 

Inspired by the underground Disco movement, Take a Sonic Trip is a revolutionary fusion of cultural rebellion & transformative healing. 

I'm Rebecca,
Audial Ascension DJ & Sonic Trip Sitter

With over a decade of music, wellness, and neuroscience education, I'm here to help you learn what it truly means to listen so you can trust in your unique song and dance.







Why watch when I can listen?


Currently . . .

Water, gotta stay hydrated
when dancing yourself clean

Just Kids by Patti Smith

A night at Studio 54 in the 70s

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Traveling. I love traveling the world and immersing myself in different cultures. Plus, music from around the world is beautiful!

Dancing. Nothing makes me feel more alive than listening to disco and dancing my ass off.

Modular synthesis. As a sound obsessed girly, I'm fascinated by the history of synthesis and creating my own unique sounds using electronic signals and patches.

Writing. I love to write, I have a Substack where I share my MESSY stories and the lessons I learn through them.

DJ-ing. Nothing lights me up more than getting behind some Pioneer CDJs and mixing.

Field Recordings. Instead of taking photos when I travel, you can find me with my Zoom recorder collecting interesting and unique sounds I find.

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“Experiencing the magic of Sonic Trip has helped me reconnect with the parts of myself I thought I lost.”









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