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I'm Rebecca!

Generator. ADHD-er. Libra Sun, Gemini Moon, Taurus Rising. I'm a sound and vibration facilitator who has helped over 9,000 reprogram their subconscious and access their intuition by taking them on a Sonic Trip.


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Creating Consciousness has stayed pretty grounded with its content. However, when you stay grounded long enough, you have the ability to achieve new heights. And that is exactly what we are doing today.

Today we are joined by Lilly the Quantum Guide to discuss all things Beyond Quantum Healing (or BQH as you’ll hear us refer to it throughout the episode. Buckle up for a wild ride as we learn more about Beyond Quantum Healing, past lives, and cosmic consciousness (yes, we totally speak aliens).

Enjoy this week’s content? Next week we will explore the Akashic Records!

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Show Notes

  • [00:00:38] Podcast begins.
  • [00:00:50] About Rebecca and how she approaches spirituality. You are encouraged to do your own research to find what works for you. There are so many perspectives and perceptions out there– what is yours? Rebecca believes that spirituality is scientific and political.
  • [00:06:25] When you leave a 5-star rating and review, you will get a free mini oracle card reading. Email a screenshot of your rating and review to Rebecca at rebecca @ thisconsciousness.com.
  • [00:07:15] Join Rebecca for Journey to the Akashic Records: Past Lives on August 19 at 6pm PDT. This is a virtual ceremony where you will be lead in a guided meditation. This meditation leads you through different brainwave states and shifts in consciousness to reach the Akashic Records. While in the records you will meet your Akashic Guides and learn more about your past lives.
  • [00:08:30] Get 20% off an energy session with Rebecca when you used code SHADOW check-out.
  • [00:08:41] Rebecca was recently interviewed by Lauren Ivy on the Open to Alchemy Podcast. To learn more about shadow work and the work Rebecca does, tune in here.
  • [00:09:36] Meet Lilly the Quantum Guide. Just like every other guest, Lilly breaks down her spiritual identity, but we’ve never heard one like this…
  • [00:18:03] Rebecca and Lilly have so much in common, it’s kinda crazy. In fact, they even met before they started doing their spiritual work.
  • [00:19:01] Leaning into Glass Art is how Lilly left the corporate world. After a close encounter with one of the big D’s (death, divorce, disease), Lilly discovered Beyond Quantum Healing.
  • [00:28:14] What is Beyond Quantum Healing. Lilly dives deep about the practice, what one experiences, and what a session with her would be like.
  • [00:31:15] Remember the amazing episode with Sydney Cutler about the practical magic of Yoga Nidra? Well, Beyond Quantum Healing also takes you to the Delta state.
  • [00:36:43] Let’s talk about ~time~, baby! Parallel lives, past lives, future lives, time slips, and so much more!
  • [00:42:01] Beyond Quantum Healing is safe! (Unpopular opinion: all spiritual practices are safe).
  • [00:43:45] Lilly speaks on the MAGIC of virtual and distance sessions! (Rebecca agrees, obvi).
  • [00:46:52] New souls vs. Old souls vs. Imprinted Memories.
  • [00:52:58] How does Beyond Quantum Healing help you heal from your subconscious traumas and conditionings.
  • [01:00:46] Collectives messages that have been coming up in Lilly’s sessions.
  • [01:03:40] Lilly shares some hot-takes in spirituality.
  • [01:14:28] Question speed round with Lilly and how Lilly creates consciousness every day.
  • [01:22:00] Stay connected with Lilly.
  • [01:26:02] Episode ends. No card reading this week.

People and Resources Mentioned

Lilly’s Links
Book a Session with Lill
Want to become a BQH Practitioner? Use code “QUANTUMGUIDE10” for 10% off of the BQH course. (Lilly’s affiliate code).

Rebecca’s Links
Journey to the Akashic Records (Virtual Event)
This Consciousness Intuitive Healing Containers
This Consciousness Energy Sessions (use code SHADOW for 20% off)

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