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Creating Consciousness Episode Description

Fear sucks. Fear prevents us from making so many important, life-changing decisions. It keeps us in a place of comfort, and while comfort and safety are great, you don’t experience any growth.

One of the fastest ways to uplevel and expand your consciousness is to take risks and face your fears. However, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to think or plan ahead.

In this new episode, we are going to explore how fear affects us on both a spiritual and human level, how fear can disguise itself as intuition, and how you can begin reprogramming the fear you are currently experiencing.

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Show Notes

  • [00:00:38] Podcast begins.
  • [00:02:49] Rebecca is currently on a digital detox. You won’t be able to reach her on her instagram, but feel free to email her [rebecca @ thisconsciousness.com]. Rebecca also invites you to take a social media break as well.
  • [00:06:31] We previously hosted an episode about ego versus intuition. Today we are going to continue diving into egoic qualities. Today that is fear.
  • [00:07:30] Humans make a lot of decisions around fear.
  • [00:11:14] Your biggest regrest in life are more likely rooted in the choices you didn’t make because you were afraid.
  • [00:11:38] “Fear is supposed to feel bad, because fear is supposed to keep us alive. It is how we have evolved as a species–– through fear. Fear sends as a sign that we shouldn’t do something.” – Rebecca Wierman
  • [00:12:27] “When you fear fear, you are never living in the present. You are in a constant state of anxiety, stress, and worry, and you are feeling fear, even before you need to feel fear.” – Rebecca Wierman
  • [00:12:53] Here’s the thing, fear is your superpower (don’t worry, it’s backed by science)!
  • [00:14:17] Let’s discuss fight, flight, or freeze.
  • [00:15:00] Rebecca’s rambling on ego. What ego means, how it shows up, and how it’s projected onto you and onto others. Biggest take away: listening to your ego completely disconnects you from yourself.
  • [00:15:51] “As we grow older, our fear can become misinformed due to our traumas and conditionings.” – Rebecca Wierman
  • [00:16:01] Genuine fear versus misinformed intuition/fear.
  • [00:18:07] “Fear is created by thought alone.” – Rebecca Wierman
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  • [00:20:30] Fear cannot exist in the present moment (if it does, it’s your adrenaline, hunny).
  • [00:22:25] How to determine if you are in a state of genuine fear or your misinformed intuition.
  • [00:26:56] “The brain cannot differentiate between physical and emotional pain, the same part of the brain activates when you think you’re going to die, or when you’ve experienced heartbreak.” – Rebecca Wierman
  • [00:28:01] Ask yourself: If fear didn’t exist, what would you do?
  • [00:29:22] Rebecca wraps up her story that prompted this episode.
  • [00:31:01] How Rebecca plans to face her fears moving forward (You’re going to want to hear this)!!!!
  • [00:32:26] Ad. Use code “SHADOW” at check out for 20% off an Energy Healing Session.
  • [00:34:19] This Weeks Intuitive Card Reading: The Great Gathering.
  • [00:38:49] Episode ends.

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This Week’s Card Reading Affirmation

“With each breath I take, I am releasing fear, worry, and anxiety..”
Repeat this affirmation to yourself throughout the week. Feel it and believe it.

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