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Creating Consciousness Episode Description

We all have these little voices in our heads that talk to us. Sometimes it feels like we have an angel and devil sitting on our shoulders, trying to convince us which choice to make. That can get overwhelming and you may feel like you’re at war with yourself.

The thing is, you don’t have to feel that way.

Aside from the voices of external influence, the two main voices that speak to you internally are your intuition and your ego. Listening to one keeps you safe and comfortable and listening to the other brings about change and unknown possibilities.

In this episode of Creating Consciousness, we explore the differences between intuition and ego. How you can begin living life intuitively every day and how your ego can become your friend. At the end of this episode, you will also learn intuition-activating tools to help you quiet the ego so you can listen to your intuition.

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Show Notes

  • [00:00:38] Podcast begins.
  • [00:01:00] Tune into Episode #88: The Practical Magic of Yoga Nidra and the special bonus episode.
  • [00:01:57] Yeah, we know this isn’t a sports podcast, but the Suns lost and we just have to take a moment to acknowledge it. Plus, Rebecca also makes a point about celebrating wins for all.
  • [00:04:30] Today we dive into Ego versus the Intuition.
  • [00:06:10] If you subscribe, rate, and review Creating Consciousness, please send Rebecca a screenshot of your review on Instagram so she can send you a free mini oracle card reading in return!
  • [00:07:20] No matter what you think, you are intuitive. You have psychic abilities. You just have to tune into them and the simpliest way to do this, is to quiet the mind.
  • [00:09:45] When Rebecca failed to listen to her intuition, she became sick and had to have surgery.
  • [00:10:00] What it feels like to live a life of ego vs a life of intuition
  • [00:11:57] Everyone has an ego. Don’t come at us with your “ayauascha ego death bullshit.” We ask you this in return: Did you experience ego death or did you enter a space, mindset, or perception in which you felt so loved and so secure that your ego felt safe enough to express all the things that kept you stuck or caged in?
  • [00:15:00] Rebecca’s rambling on ego. What ego means, how it shows up, and how it’s projected onto you and onto others. Biggest take away: listening to your ego completely disconnects you from yourself.
  • [00:19:10] How often have you told yourself you can’t do something or won’t accomplish something? Let’s dissect that.
  • [00:22:10] Ego vs intuition is synonymous with contract vs expand.
  • [00:25:00] Rebecca shares a hot-take. Here’s a hint: white savior complex.
  • [00:32:00] Let’s talk intuition. An all pros list on why listening to your intuition is good and how you can begin to access it.
  • [00:35:10] Your intuition is your best friend. Support them by leaning into it. Your intuition is supporting you all the time.
  • [00:36:01] 4 exercises or practices you can put into place to begin honoring your intuition.
  • [00:41:00] Your intuition is exclusive to you. You have to trust yourself. Not even a psychic or intuitive can (or should) tell you what to do.
  • [00:42:49] Intuition is a muscle, you have to use it and train it. It gets easier.
  • [00:43:50] If you give one of these exercises or practices a try, send Rebecca a message on Instagram and let her know!
  • [00:42:49] This Weeks Intuitive Card Reading: Divine Matrix.
  • [00:48:16] Episode ends.

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Creating Consciousness Instagram (don’t forget to send us a screenshot of your review for a free reading)!

This Week’s Card Reading Affirmation

“I am divinely guided on my path.”
Repeat this affirmation to yourself throughout the week. Feel it and believe it.

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